Janos Abonyi is a full professor at the Department of Process Engineering at the University of Pannonia in computer science and chemical engineering. He received MEng and PhD degrees in chemical engineering in 1997 and 2000 from the University of Veszprem, Hungary. In 2008, he earned his Habilitation in the field of Process Engineering, and the DSc degree from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2011. In the period of 1999-2000 he was employed at the Control Laboratory of the Delft University of Technology (in the Netherlands). 

Dr. Abonyi has co-authored more than 240 journal papers and chapters in books and has published five research monographs and one Hungarian textbook about data mining. 

His research interests include complexity, process engineering, quality engineering, data mining and business process redesign.

Graduated PhD students

Tibor Kulcsár, 2017, Data mining specialist and system architect, I-New Unified Mobile Solutions AG,

Laszló Dobos, 2016, Support Engineer, SAP Hungary

Zoltán Bankó, 2016, Development lead, Bosch 

Tamas Kenesei, 2015, Modelling and Support Advisor at MOL Group

Tamas Csiszer, 2014, Assistant Professor at EDUTUS College

Andras Kiraly, 2013, Software engineer  

Tamas Varga, 2010, Assistant Professor at University of Pannonia

Balazs Balasko, 2009, Application Manager at SABIC Europe, Geleen The Netherlands

Nora Moldovanyi, 2008, Senior APC Engineer, Honeywell

Ferenc Peter Pach, 2008, Lead Data Scientist at Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research

Balazs Feil, 2006, Controrg, Senior Engineer

Janos Madar, 2005, Controrg, Senior Engineer

PhD students

Barbara Farsang - data reconciliation 
Daniel Leitold - networks and complex systems
Tamas Ruppert - Industry 4.0 and big data 

BSc and MSc students

Tamas Torgyik - multi and many objective optimization 
Gyula Dorgo - evolutionary optimization and data mining
Piegler Peter -deep learning