Main function - ies_main.m

newpopu = ies_main(popu,subfigrows,fcnname);

 newpopu Structure (population) Resulted population
 popu Structure (population) Input population
 subfigrows Scalar integer (=nrow) Number of subplot-rows in the
 interactive figure
 fcnname String User function

This function is the main function of Easy-IEC toolbox (v1). The user must call this function.

The function runs the evolutionary-loop and calls the other functions to create and handle the interactive figure. It runs until the operator interrupts the evolutionary-loop by Exit button or closing the interactive window.

The popu is the initialized population variable. If this variable is the resulted population variable of the last searching, ies_main will continue the searching.

The subfigrows gives how many subplot-rows belong to individuals. The user function will use the subplots.

The fcnname is the name of the user function.


%The program:
clear all
close all
%load the population variable -> popu:
load srchres
%Runs the evolutionary-loop:
popu = ies_main(popu,3,'userfun');
%Save the resulted population:
save srchres popu