!!!!! HAS - UP "Momentum" Complex Systems Research Group !!!!

Post date: May 19, 2017 5:11:37 PM

The objective of the Lendület (Momentum) Program of the Hungarian Academy of Science is a dynamic renewal of the research teams of the Academy and participating universities. With the help of this program, we transform and extend the group of Prof. Abonyi into a research group devoted to complex systems.

We will form a new school for rethinking and upgrading systems engineering and data science in the light of the fourth industrial revolution. The overall goal of the project is the development of new algorithms and open source tools to utilise the data collected by internetworking systems in monitoring, control, optimisation, scheduling, risk management, and product lifecycle management. This goal challenges present-day internet of things technology regarding the development software agent and advanced sensor fusion functionalities.

We believe that algorithms tailored for (1) multivariate time series analysis, (2) software sensors and event analysis, (3) localisation and (4) model mining can result in significant progress in this field. The creative and integrated application of the resulted algorithms can bring in a new perspective to the integrated monitoring and structural analysis of complex systems and the utilisation of open and linked data. The full integration of these four subprojects is primarily important and ensures the strength and uniqueness of this proposal.

The proposed centre, therefore, aims to bring together the best technological expertise in systems-, data-, and network science, and industrial intelligence. As part of its mission, the Group will make the new and integrated solutions available to the research community and industry through its collaborations and training.