Interactive Figure (v2)


Generation: Shows the actual generation number.

Parents: Shows the selected parents.

Offsprings: Shows the selected offsprings. The user can select these offsprings by pairwise manner. The next generation will be formed based on these individuals.


Delete button: Delete the last selected parent.

Continue button: Formulate the next generation. At least one parent must be selected otherwise a message window will come up.

Exit button: Terminates the evolutionary-loop and exit to command window. The figure will not be closed.


edit button: Switch on/off plot-edit mode. In plot-edit mode the operator can modify the selected plot: he/she can move knot-points of the plot by drag-and-drop method. To finish the editing click on edit button again to switch off plot-edit mode. At the same time several plots can be edited.

res button: Restores the original plot, if it was modified by editing. (It does not work in plot-edit mode.)


1,2, ... buttons: Selects the individual which is in the same column. If the selected individual is not among the Parents, this button will take up. If the selected individual is among the Parents, the selected parent will be put into the next offspring. The number of selection is limited by population size: number of parents + offsprings ≤ population size.


One column belongs to one individual. The user function draws and writes on the figure. In one column there are nrow subplots, and on the figure there are nrow*nind subplots in all.

Closing the figure-window terminates the evolutionary-loop likes the Exit button does.